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It is always a pleasure to have fans visit my website to learn of new developments with the DOMINION series as well as my previous novel, CHOICES which has already touched the heart of many readers.

This first book of the DOMINION series called Resurrection Day opens the door to an epic adventure from a long forgotten civilization.  We assumed this race of warriors perished hundreds of years ago so who would have thought they were still alive and quietly rebuilding their armies while remaining hidden amongst us?  The synopsis below is well worth reading and links for purchase are on the Purchase tab above.

DOMINION Resurrection Day  is the first novel in this series and I am thrilled that it has already received a stunning review from Kirkus Reviews, one of the top five publishing industry reviewers.  You will be able to choose between the e-book in the Kindle format and the paperback available exclusively from Amazon books.

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     “A suspense novel injects technological and conspiracy elements into a dark plot... tightly written and
    delightfully meaty and thrilling; a perfect escape that promises more action and intrigue to come.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Kirkus Reviews

DOMINION - Resurrection Day

Dwight Beauchamp was a brilliant hacker, so brilliant that just short of his twenty-first birthday, he single-handedly hacked into and brought down the Italian national power grid.  That stunning breach lead to his arrest by Homeland Security and a secret deal was struck to keep Dwight out of jail.  Ending up for three years on a Federal leash working for a major Northern California energy company, he was tasked with fixing security loopholes with the soon-to-be fully integrated U. S. power grid.

Shortly after completing his work and within three weeks of full grid integration, Dwight vanishes only to be found a week later brutally murdered atop a bizarre stone altar in an abandoned warehouse.  But Dwight wasn't the sole victim.  There were three other victims as well at the base of the altar, all murdered in the same ritualistic way.

FBI Special Agents Alvaro Cruz and Mitchell Hastings are assigned to join the investigation with the local PD homicide detective in charge of the case.  Cruz and Hastings had been friends since they were ten years old, joined the Bureau practically at the same time and had been partners for most of their years with the FBI.  The agents soon find that nothing is what it seems with the unusual murders.  The victims appear to be random, there are no witnesses, the killer or killers left no clues or the murder weapon at the scene and the ritualistic style used in the murders does not exist in any law enforcement or intelligence service database anywhere in the world.

As the twists and turns of the investigation accelerates, Mitchell Hastings' own secrets threaten to be exposed while evidence mounts that the U. S. power grid may be under attack by a highly secret group of survivors of an ancient fallen empire that for over four hundred years has been watching, waiting and planning their ultimate return to power. 

The time for their empire to rise again has arrived.

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My debut novel CHOICES was written about a very successful man who lived for power and wealth at the expense of family and friends.  His life takes a sudden turn where he meets someone who turns his life around and he learns the true meaning of life.

I have been told that many readers have gone back to this book to re-read it as the story really hit home for them.  I hope you will agree that this is a heartfelt tale not easily forgotten.  Many critics agree and it is available in both Kindle and print editions from Amazon and Barnes and Noble bookstores.  Please use the Purchase tab above to buy your copy of CHOICES or DOMINION Resurrection Day

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